5 ways you can be safe on the roads

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Cars are dangerous machines even though they form a big part of our life. Maximum accidents occur due to the fault of a negligent or unskilled driver. When you find yourself on the road do not be the reason for an accident. Follow these tips by Francisco Cortes to complete a safe and happy drive.

Avoid distractions

This is by far one of the most important things you can do to be a safe driver. We all know that driving while distracted looking at maps or our phones can be extremely hazardous. Yet, we never think twice before replying to that text while driving. Francisco Cortes USA team implores you to make this country safe on the roads and nix the phone while behind the wheel. You would do yourself and other passengers riding with you a huge favor.

Practice and more practice

We at Francisco Cortes NYC have always believed that experienced drivers are made by good muscle memory. Your instincts and reflexes would work all the more better when you practice more. If you are a seasoned driver don’t slack off because you can always improve upon your parking skills. Parallel marking, merging into traffic and driving in severe weather can all be mastered by continuous practice. We at Francisco Cortes NY believe than anybody can become a master behind the wheel with just a few dedicated weeks of practice.

Hand positioning

It’s time to forget what you learnt in the driver ed class. You do not have to place your hands at 10 and 2 positions anymore. The team at Francisco Cortes has found that many studies show, placing hands a little lower than that is easier on the muscles and improves driving. So, next time you are on the driver seat try, the 9 and 3 position or if you are skilled go for the 8 and 4 position. You would notice the improvement almost instantly.

Adjust Mirrors

To be an extremely safe and skilled driver, you must make it a habit to adjust all mirrors before you start the car. If you are the sole driver in your wheels, then a quick check should do the job. Francisco Cortes NYC always recommends covering blind spots while driving. It is mandatory by rules to have back and side mirrors function ing at all times. You can avoid major accidents with just a bit of awareness. There are many rage filled drivers on the road who like aggressive cuts and fast overtakes. With all your car mirrors covering blind spots, you would be able to spot these miscreants quickly and avoid a mishap.

The team at Francisco Cortes strives for you to be safe in your drives. Look at this area for more such tips to enhance your driving skills.

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