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Before going on a road trip we recommend you read up on the state you are travelling to right here on Francisco Cortes USA. From road trips to driver experience and other safety parameters, we have something for everyone. Michigan is among the most popular states for Americans to go for a road trip.

However, did you know that the drivers of Michigan keep shuffling from one of the best to the worst driver pools? It seems no one can quite place the Michigan drivers for good or worse. However, we at Francisco Cortes NY have tried our best to give you a feel of what driving in Michigan has in store for you.

If you fear people who like driving drunk, then Michigan is certainly not a place for you as per Francisco Cortes USA. It is ranked among the highest for driving under influence cases. On a whole DUI driving cases are on a rise among all states in America. However, the ones reported in Michigan had whopping amounts of average blood alcohol level as compared with neighboring states. This in itself should be a deterrent for you to visit this beautiful state.

Except, the road and infrastructure in Michigan is one of the best. Smooth and pot hole free roads can make your driving experience lavish as long as some drunk does not crash into you headlong.

On the other hand Michigan is also ranked the highest for responsible and safe drivers. You would find that majority have insurance and are really responsible behind the wheel. Francisco Cortes is known for bringing straight facts to you. We understand that before going on a road trip or shifting to another city, you might want to understand about their life. We do our best in bringing to you the driving etiquettes.