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Don’t you just love road trips? We do too at Francisco Cortes. This is why we have compiled a list of driving experiences across all American states. At Francisco Cortes USA you get to read real team reviews of what drivers across different time zones behave on the roads. Before planning your next road trip, be sure to take a trip down Francisco Cortes NY pages before you actually hit the roads. Next up is our take on Arkansas.

Arkansas is one of the most dangerous states to be driving in as per a CDC statistics. There are over 13.8 deaths per 100,000 people which put the death rate at double the country average which is just 7 per 100,000 people. However, do not let us at Francisco Cortes NYC, keep you from having a scenic drive through one of the greenest states.

The staggering amount of accidents in Arkansas can be blamed on driving under the influence combined with teenage driving. Eventhough most of the liquor shops remain closed on Sundays, the number of people driving drunk is staggering. Even if you are sober, you might just be embroiled in an accident because of someone else’s fault entirely.

That said we at Francisco Cortes USA, definitely recommend making a road trip through the Ozark National Forest. If you can keep the hair pin bends, steep roads and sharp turns aside, the drive provides one of the most scenic views in all of America. However, this scenic byway is used by many locals as well to avoid the tourist traffic that flock every season.

Apart from drunken drivers you need to be aware of deer as well. In Arkansas deer is not cute and definitely not cuddly. The rich environmental foliage means rampant animal life which frequently finds itself on the road.

At Francisco Cortes USA we always look out for you and recommend you to look out for these dampers while driving.