Move to These States for the Best Drivers

Your safety and enjoyment on the road are important to us at www.francisco-cortes.org.  With that in mind, here’s some information you need to know.  

There are studies done all the time by insurance companies to determine the safest ways to drive and the areas that have the best and worst drivers in the country.  This is typically a result of the number of car-related deaths in relation to the population of the state along with a few other factors.  With automotive deaths on a rise of fourteen percent since 2015 and more distracted drivers behind the wheel, it may be a good idea to move to the following states if you want to be surrounded by the best drivers in the country.

Arkansas – Even though Arkansas showed a high fatality rate that ranked it thirteenth for the deaths compared to the population, this state was one of the most impressive when it came to other factors.  The drivers in this state scored extremely well for accidents, speeding, DUIs, and citations which show that most of the drivers in this state are fairly safe on the road.  Move to Arkansas and enjoy the feeling of safer drivers surrounding you when you head out for the day for your commute or to handle the errands you need to execute.

Michigan – As the home of the Big Three automotive brands and the state that’s considered to be the birthplace of the automotive industry in the US, this state has a population that expects to be near the top when it comes to driving.  Coming in at the fourth spot overall, Michigan performs extremely well in every single category except DUIs in which it ranks as the seventh worst overall.  This rating may come as a surprise because the location of Michigan has it pounded with terrible weather every winter, but the population of this state has figured out how to handle the drive in snow, ice, and rain.

Mississippi – If you want to live in a state where DUIs are a rarity, this is the state to choose.  Mississippi has the lowest DUI rate in the country and it receives good marks for accidents, speeding tickets, and citations to make it an attractive state to live in when you want to know you’re going to be safe when you head out on the road for your daily drive.  This state has earned the marks to be the third highest rated state when it comes to driving in the country.

Florida – The runner-up in this study may surprise you as Florida makes its way to the second spot overall to have nearly the best drivers in the country.  This state performed extremely well in every category and welcomes tourists with safe roads for you to drive on.  The only area Florida ranked low in was fatalities where it ranked 21st worst in the country, but that was the only glaring issue with driving on the roads in Florida.  You can certainly feel good if you choose to move to this state or if you choose to visit for a vacation.

Rhode Island – The best drivers in the country live in the smallest state on the map.  Rhode Island repeats as the top performer when it comes to the best drivers in the country.  This is the state that has the top rating for accidents, speeding, citations, and fatalities.  It is the 13th worst when it comes to DUIs but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Rhode Island has so many top marks for its drivers and is a state you can feel confident in when you drive through or choose to move and live.  If you want to be surrounded by the best drivers in the country, this is where you should live.

Do you know what states you want to visit and where you’ll choose to go when it’s time for some activity on the road or enjoyment of the scenery?  Part of the enjoyment is being around some of the best drivers in the country and our team at www.francisco-cortes.org can help guide you to the best places for your driving pleasure and peace of mind.